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⚠️ This is not an exhaustive list of my teaching activities, it is rather a page to share the content I contributed to develop over the last 5 past years. Note that are links that point to GitHub repositories and are URLs for the corresponding teaching material.

Workshop presentations

  • Brice M., Cazelles K.. Introduction to R. Bayesian Summer School – 19/03/2019. Université du Québec à Montréal, QC, Canada. One day to started with R (en).
  • Cazelles K., Vissault S. Use R to visualize the results of your meta-analysis. QCBS Meta-analysis workshop – 17/10/2017. Maison Gault, Mont St Hilaire, QC, Canada. Learn how to visualize the results of your meta-analysis (fr).
  • Casajus N., Cazelles K.. R Graphics - an overview. QCBS Data Visualization workshop – 16/05/2016. Maison Gault, Mont St Hilaire, QC, Canada. Data Visualization with R, a tutorial (en).
  • Cazelles K.. A few notes about probability theory. Bayesian Summer School – 17/08/2017. Orford Musique, 3165 chemin du Parc Orford, QC, Canada. A day about probability theory to understand the mathematical rational behing the Bayesian framework (en).
  • Casajus N., Cazelles K.. Gérer et formater sa bibliographie. Midi numérique – 15/02/2015. Université du Québec à Rimouski. A discussion about how to manage your references (fr).


Below are tutorial presentations about R that I offered on several opportunities

  • intRoduction. Introduction to R(en).
  • About R Markdown. Learn how to use R Markdown(en).
  • About R packages. A short tutorial to learn how to created an R package(en).
  • Maps with R. Learn how to turn R into a powerful GIS software(en).
  • Touchdown your research with Rmarkdown. Learn how to build websites and web presentationss wth R Markdown(en).

Teaching material

Below are the teaching resources I contributed to develop.

  • Casajus N., Cazelles K.. Visualiser vos données avec R (Web pages). Learn how visualize your data with R (fr).
  • Beauchesne D., Brice M., Casajus N., Cazelles K., Dreujou E., Vissault S. R in Space (Web book). Learn how to use R as a powerful GIS (en).