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VSCodium is an automatic “clean” build of Virtual Studio Code (VSCode), i.e. a build without the Microsoft touch. VSCode (thus VSCodium) is very powerful, has a tons of features and its development is very dynamic, so I am always keeping an eye on what’s new with VSCode even though I am still using Atom more frequently.

When I set up Bullseye on my ThinkPad I installed the latest version of VSCodium and when I looked up for my favorite extensions, I realized that many extensions were actually missing. After a quick search, I figured that, since version 1.46, Visual Studio Marketplace is no longer added as an extension gallery in VSCodium. Rather, VSCodium relies on Open VSX Registry (see also the article about Open VSX on Gitpod) but the publication on this registry represents extra step for developers, thus the missing applications. This includes Spell Right that, a very handful spell checker, that is only available on Fortunately, the VSCodium team has listed several ways to deal with this issue (including a way to add Visual Studio Marketplace as a registry). I opted for installing Spell Right from the .vsix. To do so, I went on the extension’s page on Marketplace and clicked on Download Extension, then I used the following command:

$ codium --install-extension ban.spellright-3.0.52.vsix 

Finally, I linked my hunspell dictionaries like so:

$ ln -s /usr/share/hunspell/* ~/.config/VSCodium/Dictionaries

And all work great! Note that the final step was actually not properly explained for Linux and VSCodium on the documentation, so I reported this in issue #354. Hopefully, the developers will soon add this neat package on Open VSX Registry, which would make everything easier!

VSCodium’s version

$ codium --version