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As I was sending a minor patch to rcites, I use devtools::build_win() and got the following warning message:

Warning message:
'devtools::build_win' is deprecated.

And the message suggested to check out check_win_*, and I so did a quick check:

R> devtools::check

once tab typed, the following function names were prompted:

devtools::check_built           devtools::check_cran            devtools::check_win_oldrelease
devtools::check_man             devtools::check                 devtools::check_win_release
devtools::check_win_devel       devtools::check_dep_version
devtools::check_failures        devtools::check_rhub

We now have access to rhub via devtools, that’s neat 🎆! I knew it’d happen at some point, but did not know it was already availabl!, everything is going very fast, am I the only one struggling to keep up?