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I recently lent someone my Lenovo T470p and when I got it back, I decided to install Debian back on it (I installed Ubuntu 22.04 to make it easier to use for a non-Linux user). I went through all the installation seamlessly, but I was not able to have the wifi working. I knew it was related to firmware-iwlwifi, but I was unable to install it. As it turned out, the package was not available for bookworm (found this but looking at, probably due to some bugs (see;dist=unstable).

As I was looking for a solution, I found a pdf on the Lenovo website that explain how to install Debian (see ‘Debian GNU/Linux Setup Guide For ThinkPad P53, P73’) with a solution (a manual install) that did not work for me (I may have done something wrong). The solution was to install an older version. I simply looked up for an older version of [firmware-iwlwifi.deb], and it worked.

For the remaining installation, I used my gist with minor adjustements: