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Font Awesome is a very popular icon set used on websites to improve the visual grepping. For instance, whenever I point to a GitHub repository on my website I use <i class="fa fa-github" aria-hidden="true"></i> to add the following icon that indicates, to people familiar with GitHub, the kind of content the link points to.

Visual grepping is somewhat powerful and months ago I started to use this icon set in my CV (see KevCaz/CV_latex) via the fontawesome Latex package that was maintained by Xavier Danaux (see xdanaux/fontawesome-latex). I’m writing this note to mention that today I switched to the fontawesome5 📦 available on the CTAN at the follwing URL: It works similarly as fontawesome but includes more icons!

In brief, once loaded:


icons are added using \faNameOfIcons, for instance to include I use \faGithub, pretty simple! If you want to know how to use other icons there are all listed in the package documentation, pretty neat 😄!