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I recently wrote a note about using emoticons in a standard way in commit messages and I now use them in a standard way following Gitmoji. I do so for my code, but I also use git for manuscrits and I also try to standardize the way I use emoticons in that case. Below is the set of emoticons I am currently using for manuscrits:

  • pencil add a significant piece of writing, paragraph;
  • ✏️ pencil2typos;
  • 📊 bar_chart figures added or edited (figure or its caption);
  • 🗑️ wastebasket delete an file;
  • sparkles integrate co-author’s comment(s)/work;
  • 🎉 tada address reviewer’s comment(s);
  • ⬆️ arrow_up version submitted;
  • 🚀 rocket version accepted.