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As mentioned in a previous note, I now use Atom together with Gnome Terminal for most of my coding and writing time and really enjoy my current setup. As I use two different applications, I have similar but slightly different color schemes, which, weirdly enough, has been bugging me for a while… That is why, a few days ago, I started to edit the color but looking a the them repository of the Atom theme I liked (e.g. Atom Material) when I came to realize that someone should have already found a simple way to install several geeky themes. Turns out I was correct (not the hardest guess admittedly), the name of this project is Gogh (I dare assume it is a reference to Vincent van Gogh) and it is awesome 😃!!

Once Gnome Terminal opened, use (as explained on the website):

$  bash -c  "$(wget -qO-"

and then chose the color schemes to be installed. Once installed, use the right click to select the profile you want (go to Edit => Preferences on the menu bar to change the defauyt profile) as shown in the video available on the main page of the GitHub repository. Gogh => 👏 🏆 ✨ 🎆