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In a previous note, I explained how to convert .xlsx into .csv with ssconvert. Today, I wanted to do the reverse operation, so I looked up on the Internet and found this answer on ubuntu forums: assuming you need to merge file1.csv and file2.csv into all.xlsx (in two separate sheets) then all you have to do is:

ssconvert --merge-to=all.xlsx file1.csv file2.csv

The short option for --merge-to= is -M (see man ssconvert), so what I did was:

$ ssconvert -M landuse.xlsx dataReady/metadata.csv dataReady/occurrence.csv dataReady/fish_species.csv
Adding sheets from file:///home/kevcaz/Github/Studies/streamFish/dataReady/metadata.csv
Adding sheets from file:///home/kevcaz/Github/Studies/streamFish/dataReady/occurrence.csv
Adding sheets from file:///home/kevcaz/Github/Studies/streamFish/dataReady/fish_species.csv

Note that I would not use a .xlsx file myself, I would rather use three separate .csv files. That said, I understand that having a single .xlsx file is regarded as a better option by others and I’m glad that I can count on ssconvert to take care of the conversion .xlsx ↔️ .csv.