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We (a couple of colleagues and myself) are currently finishing a major release for our R package rcites. After adding the latest feature I have been working on via a pull request, I messed up with my local master branch and overwrite/delete some files 😠. I thought it was not a big deal as all of them were files created/edited when the package is built (well, I thought so). But after the very next push, the code coverage weirdly dropped to zero 😱.

I googled all potential issues not related with the package itself for an hour or so (while it was clearly my sole responsibility) and finally realized that I mistakenly deleted tests/test-all.R which basically triggers the tests 😒 and so there was no test reported to codecov and thus a code coverage of 0%. Actually, all this mess turned out to be a good opportunity to learn more about how covr works (the vignette “How does covr work anyway” is extremely helpful for this). Also, while I was (wrongly) wondering if there was something wrong on codecov side, I set up coveralls for our repository, I must say that I really like the design of this website!