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One specific feature of Atom I like is the “find and replace” for a specific folder (ctrl+shift+F by default on Debian). It could be extremely powerful when the regex mode is on. Let me give you an example. Yesterday I had to replace all \code{sometext} with 'sometext' which represented dozens of matches in several files. Well, it was not hard at all! All I had to do once the regex mode was on (see where the pointer is on the image below) was to remember the right regex:

  \\code\{([a-z A-Z]*)\}

A brief explanation:

  • \ is the escape character
  • [ ] to select characters,
  • a-z (A-Z) all lower (upper) case letters,
  • * an arbitrary number of time the preceding pattern,
  • the content within ( ) could be used as a variable $1 ($2 for the next pair of brackets, if any, and so forth).

The preview is also really helpful, as you can see if you are doing the right changes 😄.