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I truly like the multiple cursors in Atom. I remember the first I used such feature, it was on Sublime Text, it blew my mind. I now use it pretty much everyday, and I have noticed that this is now a common feature among editors/IDEs, for instance, R users can use it in RStudio. Many time I hoped that a version of the multiple cursor would exist where it would be possible to set a sequence of number, I even thought that I should do it. Well, I must admit that I have never looked up for the existence of such feature until recently and guess what… it already exists!! Check the multi-cursor-increment package out!

Below I exemplify how I use this very helpful package, basically when I am too lazy to write a loop over 2 or 3 elements 😄:

Briefly, I use the default keybindings for the core feature:

  • cmd-alt-up or cmd-alt-down to select with the arrows;
  • ctrl-click to set multiple cursors by clicking;
  • alt-f3 to set a cursor for all piece of code identical to the current seletion

Regarding the ‘multi-cursor-increment’ package, I have slightly changed the default keybindings like so:

  • ctrl-alt-3 to set a sequence from 1:n where n is the number of cursors;
  • ctrl-alt-4 for an increment of 1;
  • ctrl-alt-2 for an decrement of 1.

I love this multi-cursors setup!